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Our February 2018 Issue Winter to Spring!

Hi and Happy Painting!

You are on the landing page for Painting Ezine Subscribers – the EZ digital magazine for decorative artists.  We bring you a variety of painting projects and articles each month by leading designers.

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Download Links to your issues are now located in your Dashboard tab “My Issue Downloads”.  You will have access to download all issues you’ve paid for both past and present***, but we still recommend you save the pdf files to your own computer hard drive for printing and long term storage.

***(As of 9/26/2017, we are in the process of adding history to member’s accounts, so if links to all of your issues are not showing yet, just let us know and we will add them as quickly as possible.)

If you are having trouble logging in, it may be because you are not typing your user name or password correctly.  Please contact us if you need help by emailing us at admin@paintingezine.com.


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  1.  A new issue is released the first few days of each month.
  2. You can access the most current issue using the CURRENT ISSUE link in the top menu.
  3. Full issues can be viewed and downloaded by paid subscribers.
  4. The Flipbook version will be available for 12 months from date of release.  After 1 year, only the pdf download will be available.
  5. If you are a subscriber and logged in, you will be able to view/download issues released during your paid subscription periods.  Issues released outside of your subscription dates  will not be accessible to you.
  6. You NEED TO DOWNLOAD & SAVE EACH ISSUE’s PDF file to your own computer  to have it for long term access and to print the projects.
  7. If you are logged in, but can’t view an issue, check your Dashboard to see if your paid subscription history includes the issue.



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