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Annual subscription periods will be prorated through October 2018. Susan and Sharon are in similar situations having elderly parents with significant health problems, including mothers who are suffering from moderate to severe dementia. Over the past year, we have found ourselves more frequently required to deal with unexpected family emergencies that make it a challenge to meet the demands and deadlines of a monthly publication. We are confident we can meet the commitment to our subscribers through October 2018, so for now we are only taking prepaid subscriptions to that point. During the coming months, we will be working to make our schedules more flexible and depending on what the year brings, we may be moving to a quarterly publication schedule in 2019.

MARCH 2018 to OCTOBER 2018 - 8 monthly Issues
FEBRUARY 2018 to OCTOBER 2018 - 9 monthly Issues
JANUARY 2018 to OCTOBER 2018 - 10 monthly Issues
DECEMBER 2017 to OCTOBER 2018 - 11 monthly Issues
NOVEMBER 2017 to OCTOBER 2018 - 12 monthly Issues
$16.00 for 364 days
OCTOBER 2017 to SEPTEMBER 2018 - 12 monthly Issues
$16.00 for 364 days


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